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4 Little-Known Facts About Root Canals

October 21, 2022

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a graphic showing the stages of an infected tooth undergoing root canal therapy

Whenever most people hear that they need a root canal, they immediately panic because of all of the rumors they’ve heard about the procedure, like that it’s painful. The truth is, most of what people know about this treatment is not true, and it’s not as scary as it’s made out to be. Read on to set the record straight and learn four little-known facts about root canals so you can feel confident about your upcoming procedure.

A Root Canal Doesn’t Cause Pain, It Gets Rid of It

Root canals are notoriously known to be painful, but that’s not actually the case. Many people associate the severe toothaches caused by infections with the procedure itself. However, once you receive a root canal, you’ll likely feel incredibly relieved because your pain will be gone!

You Could Still Need a Root Canal if You’re Not Experiencing Pain

A telltale sign that means you need a root canal is a severe toothache. This is because once bacteria have reached the inner chamber of the tooth and attacked the pulp, which is a collection of nerves and soft tissue, it causes pain. However, if the issue isn’t treated, it could lead to the death of the nerves within the tooth, causing the pain to disappear. This doesn’t mean that the infection went away, it just means that the issue has progressed, and you require urgent treatment.

Tooth Infections Can’t Be Cured with Just Antibiotics

When you usually tackle an infection in the body, your doctor may just prescribe you antibiotics to take care of it. However, with tooth infections, it’s a little different because the medicine won’t be able to reach the origin of the infection. That’s why your dentist has to manually go in and remove the infection and sanitize the inner chamber of the tooth to prevent it from spreading.

Extracting a Tooth Isn’t Easier Than Getting a Root Canal

Some patients would rather opt to have their infected tooth extracted out of fear that a root canal would be more painful to have to go through. While it may not seem like that big of a deal, you’ll need to undergo additional procedures to restore the removed tooth or adjust to eating, speaking, and doing other basic tasks with a gap in your smile. By far, the best option for your oral health and lifestyle is preserving your natural tooth whenever possible.

If you’re anxious about needing a root canal, never hesitate to talk with your dentist about the procedure beforehand. It can put your mind at-ease and ensure that you know the facts and not just rumors!

About the Author

Dr. Gustavo Arrechea is a highly experienced dentist who is dedicated to helping his patients feel comfortable while preserving their natural smiles. He takes continuing education courses to advance his skills and knowledge and is certified in level 2 sedation. He also offers same-day emergency dental appointments to help patients get out of pain fast. For questions or to schedule an examination, visit Daily Smiles Dental Dallas’ website or call 214-233-9460.

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