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Sedation Dentistry – Dallas, TX

Sit Back, Relax, & Smile

Relaxed woman in dental chair

We understand better than most that dental care makes some people very nervous, and unlike other dental offices, we actively try to help our nervous patients so they’re able to take care of their teeth without the stress. In addition to an experienced and understanding staff, we also have sedation options available for patients of all ages. Whether it’s you or your child who doesn’t like to go to the dentist, know that we can make those unwanted nerves quickly go away. Here, patient comfort is always priority #1, and you’ll feel that starting at your very first appointment.

Why Choose Daily Smiles Dental for Sedation Dentistry?

  • Sedation available for any procedure
  • Safe, reliable, & guaranteed to reduce dental phobia
  • Gentle enough for children, strong enough for adults

Oral Conscious Sedation

Patient taking an oral sedative pill

If you could take a pill that would make all of your dental fears go away, would you do it? With oral conscious sedation, that’s pretty much how it works! One of our dentists will prescribe you an anti-anxiety medication to take about an hour before your appointment, so by the time you reach our office, you’ll already be deeply relaxed from head to toe. You’ll remain awake the entire appointment, able to respond to simple commands, but time will probably flow by very quickly. Afterward, most patients say that they have little to no memory of their visit!

We mostly recommend OCS for patients who experience mild to moderate dental phobia or require extensive dental care (such as a root canal). We’ll take a medical history to ensure the medication we prescribe you is completely safe. We also require that a friend or family member drive you to and from our office the day of your visit as well as keep an eye on you for a few hours afterward.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

You probably know nitrous oxide by another name— “laughing gas.” Dentists have used it for over 100 years to help calm fearful patients, and it’s so gentle that it’s even safe for children. Nitrous oxide in Dallas is best for patients who only have a slight fear of the dentist and need help staying relaxed during routine care or a minor treatment. It can be comfortably administered when you arrive, and because the sedation wears off quickly, you’re able to continue on with your day as you normally would following your appointment.

Who’s a Good Candidate for Nitrous Oxide?

Nitrous oxide sedation is an excellent option for patients of all ages, including children. It’s very mild, yet has a drastically positive impact on patients’ visits, allowing you to feel significantly more comfortable while you’re in the treatment chair. We recommend nitrous oxide for those who:

  • Find sitting in the treatment chair difficult
  • Have a strong gag reflex
  • Have had bad past experiences at the dental office
  • Aren’t easily numbed by local anesthesia

Some cases in which we may advise against nitrous oxide are if you have sinus congestion, respiratory conditions, or are pregnant.

How Does Nitrous Oxide Work?

Because nitrous oxide is administered in-office under the supervision of our trained team at Daily Smiles Dental, the process is simple. When you arrive, we’ll help you get comfortable in the treatment chair and place a small mask over your nose that will allow you to breathe in a colorless, odorless gas. Our staff will be able to adjust the concentration of sedation you receive based on how the effects impact you in real-time. Once your treatment is over, we’ll have you breathe in oxygen to flush your system of the sedative. The effects don’t linger, so you’ll be able to return to work or carry on with the rest of your errands like you normally would.

After Your Visit

Nitrous oxide sedation has minimal impact on your life following your visit, making it especially great for students who need to return to school, adults who don’t want to take the entire day off of work, and those with busy schedules! You’ll remain in our office for a few minutes so we can monitor you and make sure it’s safe for you to drive yourself. If you received more invasive treatment, we may advise you to take the rest of the day to rest and heal, though.